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Mystic MountainWoodworking

An artform focused on quality, not quantity!




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Mystic Mountain Woodworking is located in Western North Carolina right in the middle of the "Land of the Waterfalls".

The craftsman creates heirloom-quality furniture and accessories from trees felled on the land in preparation for his home site.  Other logs are given by friends.  He uses pine, cedar, oak, hemlock, cherry, walnut, poplar, etc.  All the wood is milled here on Mystic Mountain (Yes!  Mystic Mountain is a real place!!).  The natural hue and grain of the wood is faithfully preserved.

Each piece is unique.  No two are alike even using the same template!  They are crafted one at a time, so please be patient as the artist works on your stunning piece!

Have a stroll around Mystic Mountain.  If you see something that catches your eye, call us!  Or, if you have an idea or sketch of a piece you'd like created, he'll use that!

Also, if you have a beloved heirloom which needs some TLC, call us!  We'll come by at your convenience and determine if we can help you revive the memories!  

(***Follow the link below to see the photos of the antique farm table we just finished.  Complete with the old iron burn still visible!!!***)

Antique Farm Table Restoration Project